Since Kevin Wölfer founded ipaintthatforyou, the team has grown. We enable each other to work on your projects with great passion and to turn our hobby into a job and part-time job.

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Kevin Wölfer

Founder of ipaintthatforyou. Level 1 to display level, dioramas and 3D printing

Erik Fischer

Freelancer for level 1 and level 2 figures, workshops and show painting

Matthias Gartz

Freelancer for Eavy Metal Standard, display level figures and 3D printing

Michael Scheu

Freelancer for level 1 to level 3 figures, as well as terrain construction and 3D printing

Kevin Wölfer

Level 1 up to Display, Dioramas, 1/6, and 3D printing

Kevin has been a passionate figure painter since he was 14 and found his way into full-time miniature painting in 2022.

His knowledge and skills are characterized by classic training and practice in manual, creative and artistic professions.

In May 2022 Kevin founded ipaintthatforyou.

Erik Fischer

Level 1 up to Level 2, Workshops and Show-Painting

Erik is an inquisitive and eager to learn young talent and has been an enthusiastic tabletop player, collector and figure painter since his youth, who wants to turn his hobby into a profession.

Erik and Kevin got to know each other at Spielkultur Oranienburg and have been working together on larger and smaller projects for some time.

Erik supports the team as a freelancer.

Matthias Gartz

Display-Level, Eavy Metal Standard and 3D printing

Matthias Gartz has been painting since childhood and learned a trade.

He himself is fascinated by the Eavy Metal Standard (clean look) and since 2020 has specialized in achieving the Box Art of Gamesworkshop miniatures.

Matthias often reacted to Kevin’s posts on social media, so little by little the two came together to share their passion.

Michael Scheu

Level 1 up to Level 3, Terrain building and 3D printing

Michael has been an enthusiastic tabletop player and figure painter for more than 5 years. Right from the start, he also took great pleasure in site construction.

Michael has been familiarizing himself with the world of 3D printing since 2020 and mainly produces terrain parts and figures.

By chance, Kevin and Michael met through an ipaintthatforyou ad on Facebook. Michael supports the team as a freelancer.